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Roberto Martínez on Sergio Markarán: “I didn’t let him in at my mom’s wake” | University of Sports | Sports

In the words of Robert Martinez, “It’ For example, he played for national teams Sport Boys and Deportivo Municipal. However, he made it through the University of Sports’ athletic training program. As part of an interview for the “Cuto” Guadalupe program on his YouTube channel, the former merengue soccer star discussed his unpleasant encounter during that time with then-technical director Sergio “El Mago” Markarian.

In Cerro de Pasco, a duel between Unión Minas and the former player was called off because of a suspension. Despite the knowledge that he would be unable to play, the Uruguayan coach insisted that he accompany the team on its trip.

In Lima, I received my fifth yellow card, and Cerro de Pasco was on its way. In Markarián’s telling, I had to remove the yellow to avoid traveling. After Martnez refused to follow the squad, he made him travel the same route.

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He didn’t join the squad, however, because of his mother’s precarious condition, which bothered the ‘Wizard.’

That same day his wife called to tell him that he had to fly his mother back to Lima quickly since she had been hospitalized with a terrible illness.

“I boarded the plane with Puma, Dr. Alva, and Miguel Silva. When I arrived, I noticed Gisela and her sister were both dressed in black; that’s when I recognized (that her mother had died) “he recalled.

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For what reason did Roberto Martnez deny Markarián entry to the wake of his mother?

Sergio Markarian wished to attend the funeral of Robert Martinez’s mother following this tragic tragedy. However, the former Uruguayan soccer star refused to let the Uruguayan coach in because he didn’t believe in him.

“At the wake, neither Sergio (Markarián) nor the Narbarte were allowed entry when they left” (leaders of the cream club). The fact that they doubted me when it was brought up by my mother enraged me. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to her before she died. In the middle of the week, he agreed to play with me, and I scored a goal, “he admitted.

Roberto Martnez was a member of what clubs?
Boys’ municipal sports at San Agustin University.

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